10 resolutionsWe here at the Tampa Real Estate Pulse Team know how difficult it is to keep your new year’s resolutions. Statistically we’re waging a losing battle most of the time. But after looking at the top resolutions America made this year it got us thinking. While we typically associate these goals with just ourselves, why not apply them to our biggest investments, our homes? So here is a list of resolutions that have been adapted for your house, enjoy!

  1. Lose weight – Cut out the extra flab on your utility bills. Here in Florida we spend a lot of money on keeping cool. Check to see if your energy provider offers free energy audit. Duke & TECO both offer this service. This is a great way to see where your home needs improvements. Other things to consider: sealing your ductwork, getting energy star appliances, or LED or Compact florescent light bulbs. Doing any HVAC or energy efficient work on your home? Check here to see if you qualify for any tax incentives or rebates!
  2. Getting organized – Streamline and declutter. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of STUFF we can accumulate over time. But this extra stuff can cause major anxiety and money. I mean I swear I have 4 tape measures because I can never find one when I need it. Tips for organization: 1) one space at a time, you can’t do it all in one day, 2) if you wouldn’t buy it today then why do you still have it? And 3) It doesn’t have to be perfect!
  3. Spend less, save more – stop the nickel and dime repairs and start budgeting for improvements. I have an HVAC system that can almost legally drink so I can understand the “constant state of repair.” Just like with your vehicle you need to start budgeting on a monthly basis for major repairs/improvements. Because let’s be honest, the systems in your home always wait for the most inconvenient time to go out, like say Christmas eve.
  4. Enjoy life to the fullest – It’s okay to want a nice house, it’s not okay to be house poor. When you can’t afford to enjoy life because of your housing expenses it might be time to consider downsizing or as I like to call it “right sizing.” Just because your friends desperately need a home with two pools it doesn’t mean you need or can afford it. Besides the perfect house for you 5 years ago probably isn’t so perfect now. Have an in-law-suite? Consider renting it to a friend or relative for some extra income. You can also explore refinancing options with your lender if you’d like to stay put.
  5. Staying fit and healthy – Maintain your investment. The easiest way not to spend big repair dollars? Maintenance! Have your HVAC system serviced yearly, keep your trees trimmed away from your roof (protects the roof and keeps pests away), check your weather stripping and window seals every fall, etc. These little things can keep the monster repair bills at bay.
  6. Learn something exciting – Find your inner DIY-er. In today’s culture it seems like EVERYONE is diy-ing. While I don’t recommend you replace your kitchen on the first try, but there are tons of easy DIY fixes and projects that even I can handle. Not only will you learn a new skill but nothing is more satisfying then knowing you did it yourself. My latest accomplishment? Replacing a horrible old fan with a new light fixture!
  7. Quit smoking – Breathe easy by cleaning up your air quality. It’s easy to forget to replace your air filters on a regular basis, but it makes a huge difference on the air you AND your family breathe. Easy ways to remember include setting a reminder on your calendar or phone, or having an online subscription that automatically ships you new filters on a monthly basis. Other ways to improve your air quality include: have your vents/ducts cleaned, you low VOC paints, and deep cleaning your carpet on a regular basis.
  8. Help others in their dreams – Recommend an ace Realtor