Hi, I’m Susie Nelson-Crowley, the founder of the Tampa Real Estate Pulse Team of RE/MAX Metro. I began my career in real estate 14 years ago after a successful career in medical software. I was motivated by a need to build a business of my own where I had full control of the work product, and my own experience buying and selling a small portfolio of real estate. Having thrived through the boom and bust, and now renaissance of the Tampa real estate market, I am the leader of a small but highly professional team that I’m proud of. Our approach is highly consultative, personalized to the needs of each of our clients. Frankly, our goal is to turn today’s clients into raving fans so that they recommend us confidently and often, and it’s working.

The Team:

The Tampa Real Estate Pulse consists of myself, Kate Hickland, senior buyer specialist, and Michelle James, our newest addition to the team. We’re all full time Realtors. Behind the scenes we have awesome administrative support in the form of our transaction manager.

Kate is the design maven. She has her Master’s in Interior Design. She’ll be able to talk about moving walls, color schemes, and design trends. She has the incredible ability to recognize the potential of a home and make anything just beautiful. Michelle has a green thumb and fearless DIY skills. She can talk with experience about her many home renovation and gardening projects. And I’m the MBA numbers gal and enthusiastic adventurer who bicycles and plays bass guitar in her spare time. I’ll quote real estate trends and statistics while I tell you about the local music and craft brew scene, and the unique, textured events and experiences that Tampa has to offer. We all bring something to the table

The Philosophy:

If you love just looking at pretty homes, you don’t need us, or any other Realtor for that matter. There are probably hundreds of sites of homes that will leave your mouth watering and your mind spinning about your imagined life in your new home. If you want to actually realize your goal of a new life and lifestyle in your new home then read on. This is where The Tampa Real Estate Pulse Team earns its money, and your repeat business (86% of our 2015 business was either repeat business or directly referred to us by past clients and friends). You see, you’re not just buying a home, you’re buying everything that surrounds it: the neighboring homes, the schools, the local Publix and restaurants, YMCA, your mortgage and HOA fees, the commute to your job, the local golf courses and entertainment venues. You’re buying a LIFESTYLE, and the Tampa Real Estate Pulse Team will help you attain your unique goals.

The Pledge:

  1. We will talk with you about your requirements for your move, your timeline, your housing and lifestyle needs. Even more important, we will LISTEN to your answers.
  2. We will introduce you to the areas that you have expressed interest in. Because of the depth of our local knowledge we will also suggest other comparable areas for your consideration so that you have more options at your disposal.
  3. We will provide you with objective third party information about different neighborhoods in such a way that you can compare the information against the neighborhood where you currently live.
  4. We’ll visit the homes that meet your criteria and review the pros and cons of each. We’re not home inspectors, but we’ve been in a bunch of homes and home inspections and have learned by experience to point out some of the large issues that may be lurking in any home.
  5. Once you’ve found THE HOME we will provide an objective review of pricing and help you craft an offer that meets your needs. We’ll review the possible fees, offer and contract process so that you have no surprises.
  6. Note the use of the word OBJECTIVE in #6. It is our responsibility to provide you with objective information, not just the information you want to hear. We’re kind of NSBs in that regard (no-shit broads). You want us for our experience, not just to rubber stamp what you want to hear.
  7. We stand by your side throughout the contract process, offering access to our valuable database of tried and true inspectors, lenders, and service providers of all types. We’ll navigate the inspections and financing processes with you, monitoring process and dates. If you’re not here during the contract period we’ll keep you informed through facetime, video, and other tech tools. You’ll not miss a beat.
  8. We’ll keep you informed, as often as you like and in the manner you wish.
  9. We’re sure to encounter a bump or two. Consider us your pilots. Buckle your seat belt and have confidence in us to guide you safely to your destination. We’ve years of experience to draw on, and the collective experience of an entire office of RE/MAX agents.
  10. We’ll have fun while we’re doing all of this. Making all these decisions is stressful, and hard work. We’ll make it an experience you will enjoy. We’ll point out the great restaurants, interesting shops, local experiences, and probably a craft brewery or two along the way. To learn more, check out previous entries on our TampaRealEstatePulse.com blog.
  11. And lastly, MOVE is a 4-letter word no matter if you’re moving across the street or across the country. We get it. We’ll do everything that we can to ease the pain.

Now, my ask of you is to give me, Susie, a call at 813.334.6611 when you’re interested in buying or selling your Tampa Bay Home. And, to learn a bit more about our team – have a look at our Facebook page!