I’ve always said that MOVE is a 4-letter word, and one that shouldnt be taken lightly. Whether you’re moving across country, or across the street, the pain is palpable. But, sometimes there are indicators that the time is NOW to consider a move. Are you experiencing any of these signs? Or more than one? There is no time like the present.

  1. Your significant other has become your insignificant other, or vice versa, and you want a clean slate for a fresh start
  2. Your budget for storage units just went up
  3. Your family is expanding, and your house isn’t
  4. You’re spending more time as a taxi service getting kids to practices, lessons, etc., in a different part of town
  5. The kids have moved out and the echo is deafening
  6. Your personal interests have changed and you yearn to be near the kids or grandkids, beach, golf course, urban center, etc.
  7. You just landed that amazing promotion and you’ve money to burn
  8. Your home has appreciated, and it’s time to cash out and trade up
  9. Fluffy Fido, adopted from the Humane Society, is closer to 80 lbs than the 20 lbs you expected
  10. Your commute is impacting your quality of life
  11. You want to take advantage of appealing mortgage rates
  12. Your neighborhood isn’t what you thought it would be
  13. You’re spending hours on Pinterest planning for your next home
  14. Your rent is higher than your mortgage payment would be
  15. Over-improving your home to make it what you want doesn’t make financial sense

Does it make sense to stay where you are? Are you delaying that future that you’ve been planning, just because you can’t stand the thought of moving?

That’s where the I come in. I’m here beside you, step by step, as you sell your home, find a home, or both. I’ve proven tactics to help first time buyers, move-up buyers, and empty nesters. Together well take those tactics and tweak them to suit your unique requirements. The future is now! Let’s get your move on.